Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Methow Dance Collective at the Merc

joy 2

The Methow Dance Collective performed nine dances at the Merc Theatre in Twisp on the Vernal Equinox. It was repeated the next evening. Here are some images from the Friday night show.

Water Blues
water blues 4

water blues 2

water blues 3

water blues 4 b&w

The Love of Dance
the love of dance

Faith and Delight
faith & delight

faith & delight 3

faith & delight 2

Try Try Again
try try again

Business as Usual
business as usual 3

business as usual

business as usual 5

business as usual 6

business as usual 4

business as usual 9

Trusting Me
trusting ME

trusting me 2

trusting me 4

The Joy of Dance

joy 4

joy 3

Solo sol
solo sol

Friday, March 13, 2009

Winter Triathlon and Hot Air Balloon Roundup in Winthrop

It was a busy weekend, March 6 & 7 in Winthrop with the Hot Air Balloon Roundup and the MVSTA Winter Triathlon.

balloon inside

balloon on tilt
getting upright

two dogs guarding a balloon

3 balloons and off they go
up up and away

bike riders at the start of the triathlon
the start of the triathlon

one of the winning team members
a winning team member

an ironman competitor
an ironman competitor

sometimes there was a gap between racers

more spectators
spectators heading out to see the ski racers

Last weekend's MVSTA Triathlon
the all important handoff